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The Conversion

Once we have sourced the vehicle, we can then start the conversion process.

We then discuss all the various vehicle options including internal layout, finish options as well as all the soft furnishings.

This makes every one of our conversions quite bespoke as undoubtedly, no two people will opt for the same options and finishes so your camper will be unique.

We can supply the campervan with all the usual extras,but here is a list of options available from Small Campervan and more importantly, why you might need them and their function.

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Nissan NV 200 Camper

Pop-up roof

Not essential, but the extra headroom when the roof is up can be handy and it also makes the van feel like a proper campervan.

High-top Roof

Same advantages as above but this is a fixed high roof so parking in height-restricted areas can be a problem. But a clear advantage - there is no pop-up roof to put up!

Mains Hook-up

This enables you to simply hook-up to the camping sites’ mains electricity. Today most sites have the facility but it is always wise to check first.

Leisure Battery

A second battery fitted to the vehicle to supply your campervan with 12 volt electrics and this battery is wired so that you don’t drain any power from your vehicle’s starter or main battery.

Without a leisure battery, your vehicle battery could discharge if using your campervan interior 12-volt electrics for lighting or any appliances then your vehicle may not start.

Split Charging/Dual Charging

We can fit this device to charge your leisure battery whilst you are driving. When you park, the system will isolate the leisure battery from the vehicle battery thus avoiding the discharge of your vehicle’s main battery.

Solar Power

Not usually found on small campers but you may like the idea of “FREE“ electricity to charge your camper leisure battery so this is certainly an upgrade to consider.

Solar Power is a system that converts either sunlight or in better systems, even daylight into electricity and depending on your system’s power, this source of power could be used for simply charging your leisure battery or if a better system is fitted, it may even power your laptop, TV or lighting.

These are just a few of the basics we offer and we are more than happy to help explain in more detail if you are at all unsure what you think you might need.

Remember, at Small Campervan, we want you to have a campervan that you fully understand, to ensure you get the most out of your conversion and to look forward to and to enjoy stress free holiday!

Nissan NV200 Campervan Interior of Red Nissan NV200 Campervan