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the weekend, it's a

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At Small Campervan, our aim is to convert small vans and MPVs into small compact campervans. We realise the size of such a vehicle can be the deciding factor when considering what to buy. For example, you may have limited parking where you live and therefore, you simply can’t have a large vehicle but you still like the idea of a campervan.

For a lot of our previous work with the Bedford Rascal and Suzuki Supercarry vehicles please visit us at:

Let’s face it, life is tough these days and we are all working too hard so why not find some time for leisure? A campervan can provide that rare escape!

We can advise you on the various vehicles available once we have had a quick chat about your needs and your budget.

We can discuss all the various vehicle options including internal layout, finish options as well as all the soft furnishings.

Our Campervans

Our small campervan will have a bed, a hob unit and a sink, i.e. all the basics of a campervan but obviously compromises have to be made. Put simply, if you have a small van, you will have limited space inside but the campervan must still be practical. For instance, we think that a good, comfortable bed is near the top of the list of essential items, followed by a small hob and sink so you can prepare simple meals and drinks.